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At SignaPay of Minnesota, we know it's about MORE than just processing cards.

SignaPay of Minnesota is built behind a long history of excellence in not only low costs, but 5-Star customer service as well. 


We Save You Money

We know how important each and every one of your business transactions is, so why not keep more of it?  With a simple side-by-side anayisis, SignaPay of Minnesota can show you REAL MONEY that your current processing company has no right to withdraw.  We want to put more of your own money in your bank account each month because it's yours, not ours.

5-Star Customer Service

Our culture of customer service is unrivaled. We await your phone calls and questions with open arms. We  want to provide answers whenever we can, whether it's a question about your terminal or you're calling with a concern, we want to hear about it.  We are here to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Free training on your first statement.  We want you to understand your billing!

  • One phone number for all issues, whether it's billing, terminal malfunction, or otherwise. We want to make sure it's simple for you to reach us.

  • Caring customer service supervisors dedicated to holding our representatives accountable.  We want to ensure you have a pleasant experience each time you call us. 

  • Anti-fraud and compliance assistance. We do everything in our power to not only keep you protected, but to keep you knowledgable as well!

  • 100% reliability in follow ups.

  • We call you! Twice per year, we'll place an outbound call to you to make sure everything is going well and you don't have any problems or questions. We put the responsibility on our shoulders to ensure a perfect experience for as long as you are a customer.​


Guaranteed Rates

No longer do you have to deal with fluctuating costs from your credit card processing provider. At SignaPay of Minnesota, we guarantee our rates never to increase for profit. Once we provide you with your cost, we'll also put in writing that they won't increase for profit. We don't just want to show you a quote, we want to offer peace of mind as well.

Accuracy & Integrity

With so many inaccurate quotes being issued by our competitors, we know how important it is to provide an accurate, to-the-penny breakdown and comparison of your business' processing costs. Here at SignaPay, we staff certified pricing managers to handle each proposal and offer the industry's most trustworthy and accurate analysis of your processing statement. We understand that processing costs and rates can be complex and confusing, so each comparison is completed with integrity and transparency by a certified pricing expert, not a salesperson.


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